Incomservice Group Ltd Company was founded in 2009

Incomservice Group Ltd Company was founded in 2009 and at the beginning held itself out at the market as a specialist in customs registration.  In 2011 our company for the first time rendered services on searching for producers and organizing delivery of polymer materials (TPE), considering accurate request criteria.  After a multi-step analysis of Ukrainian and European markets we successfully completed the customer’s order and realized the first delivery of TPE products through our company to Ukraine.Covering a new vector direction of the company, we studied all the nuances of searching for products and partners and developed our own methods, schemes and groundwork. A month of intensive work in this direction – and we became a dealer of a Turkish company producing TPE and TPV rubbers.  

Three years of efficient work, thousands of successful deals and own warehouse let us in quite a short period of time take on up to 80% of TPE market in Ukraine.

In 2013 a new line was added to already existing services and products, namely searching for and supply of equipment for processing of plastics.  

2014 – Incomservice Group Company already holds itself as an official dealer of polymer materials in Ukraine and the countries of CIS, with more than 1000 square meters of warehouse and branches in Moscow and Turkey.

2015 – the assortment of our products keeps expanding resulting in addition of metallurgical and agricultural industries.     

Six years of efficient work, constant development and training and effective task fulfillment - and at the beginning of 2016 Incomservice Group is not a subject-matter specialist in customs registration any longer.

Today Incomservice Group is a group of international companies that render services on foreign economic activity, including supply of agricultural, polymer and metallurgic industries. Depending on your requirements and goals we are ready to offer a few effective solutions to your task at a time, to expand market outlets of your products and to undertake all documentation obligations on running foreign economic activity.

Build your business together with Incomservice Group! 


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