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Import Export

Incomservice Group Ltd is an international company with a wide range of services in the area of running foreign economic activity on behalf of the customer. We offer outsourcing of foreign economic activity of your business.  

It’s in our power to undertake all concerns on organizing and optimizing the process of import and export on its every stage including purchase, customs registration and delivery of the goods to the buyer’s warehouse. 

Assignment of right to handle your company’s foreign trade transaction to Incomservice Group will help not only  optimize your expenses and  save time on processing documents but also considerably reduce organizational, financial and human resources.  

Import and export from Incomservice Group includes the following range of services:

  • Search for foreign suppliers or buyers;
  • Negotiations with potential suppliers/buyers;
  • Concluding foreign economic contracts and controlling the accuracy of preparing full set of documents;
  • Selection and organization of optimal and delivery route for delivery of the goods;
  • Arranging the assortment of a batch of products and working out optimal set for one shipping;
  • Product costing of the goods for the customer;
  • Determining terms of payment and expenses;
  • Control of the process of delivery;
  • Organizing warehouses and temporary storage facilities;
  • Forwarding of the load at all stages of delivery;
  • Customs registration;
  • Delivery to the customer’s front door;
  • Product certification.


A well-built plan of export/import delivery from Incomservice Group is:

  • Possibility to modernize business processes of your company and to predict its long-term  tendency of development;
  • minimizing of the expenses on running foreign economic activity;
  • Exclusion of unexpected expenses;
  • Accurate meeting of schedule and delivery dates;
  • Offering the customers a higher level of service;
  • Gaining maximum income from handling and international transaction.


Develop your business with Incomservice Group.


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