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The advantages of Incomservice Group Company are as follows: high professionalism of its employees, individual approach to every customer, solutions to tasks of any complexity and full focusing on satisfying customer’s interests.

One of important Incomservice Group's lines is search for products and producers based on customer's inquiry. It’s also possible to co-operate with already existing suppliers and buyers by means of concluding the contract in the name of our company.

Due to our work you acquire the necessary products and equipment at best price and protect yourselves from exhausting search for a desired product, analysis of model range and characteristics, review of  scope of supply and minimum lot size and review of delivery and payment terms.

Our company will take the following obligations:

Search for necessary products;
Offering a few variants accompanied with the information on price, producer and availability of product quality certificates;
Holding preliminary negotiations;
Receiving the samples of the products and followed by quality control;
Dealing with documentation;
Checking quality and quantity of the goods shipped;
Delivery of the goods “to the front door” including their customs registration.

Incomservice Group is the company cooperation with which in a short term will let you expand the assortment, reduce shipping costs, receive quality goods with corresponding certificates at a better price, save time on preparation of customs documentation and, most importantly, to minimize the expenses and risks when dealing with new suppliers.  


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